Eggs for Sale

At the Farmer’s Market

~ Paz


Hand in Hand

I enjoyed watching this couple walk hand-in-hand down the sidewalk.  




There are a lot of beautiful flowers for sale at the Farmer’s Market.  This is one — Dahlia.



Old Croton Aqueduct Gatehouse


I’ve passed by this stone structure, several times but never really paid attention to it.  It has been boarded up and closed for many years. Later, I learned that the abandoned building was an old aqueduct gatehouse, which was part of the old Croton Aqueduct — New York’s first water system.  It was a complex water distribution system that provided a major source of clean drinking water and helped the city fight disease and fire.  There are several shut-down gatehouses in the city. 

The aqueduct was designed similar to the ancient Roman aqueducts and built between 1839 – 1842.  It started from the Croton Dam and reservoir in Westchester County, where the water flowed 41 miles entirely by gravity and took 22 hours to reach Manhattan.  Fascinating!  I’d never thought about how the city got clean water before. 





Petals of sunshine.

~ Paz