On Friday, as I exercised in the park, I noticed a steady stream of fire fighters in formal uniform attire.   I continued on my normal park route and saw a large group of them relaxing and talking.  That’s when I remembered that the Firemen’s Memorial was close by.  It dawned on me that they’d probably gathered, earlier, at the monument for a 9/11-memorial ceremony.  


I pass by the stately 1912 memorial, built in memory of firefighters who died in the line of duty, all the time and I always slow down to admire it.  The memorial is made up of a striking staircase that leads up to a granite plaza, terrace, and benches that overlook Riverside drive.  It’s decorated with a lion-shaped fountain basin, a bronze tablet dedicated to the horses that pulled the fire department’s engines, and a huge sarcophagus (A stone container made to carry a coffin or body.  It is normally decorated with sculptures or inscriptions and displayed as a monument).  A bronze bas-relief tablet adorns this sarcophagus with an illustration of three horses pulling a fire engine.  On either side of the sarcophagus are two mesmerizing marble sculptures called Duty and Sacrifice – the motto of firefighters. 


On my way back, the place was completely empty.   So, I climbed up the monument steps.  The remnants of the recently-ended memorial service drew my attention – four bouquets of flowers (white roses, red roses and sunflowers) and three wreaths.   One of the wreaths was designed into the shape of a firefighter’s badge with the numbers 343.   That is the number of firefighters who died on 9/11.


~ Paz




Goodnight kisses

I enjoy chasing the sun  when it sets at that magic hour.


It mesmerizes me as it settles between the trees in Riverside Park.


The sun doles out good night kisses to everything in sight — including The Colosseum apartments.


It glows and smiles…


… as it continues to get ready for bed…


Kisses the trees…



Kisses more buildings good night.




It kisses the sunflower, too.

  Good night.

~ Paz










West Harlem Piers Park

A nice day to enjoy the park and watch the activity on the Hudson river.




An uncooperative seagull refuses to model for me.   Instead, I’m left with this picture.






Bicycles and Shadows

Soon to be ridden, I’m sure.

~ Paz




Spring Pink

Pretty in pink. 

In full bloom

Petals now falling daily

Soon to disappear.

~ Paz