A Lover of Parks

I continue to enjoy reading the engravings on park bench name plates.

The people, mentioned, always seem very interesting, like George Lewis — A Lover of Parks.

I like that description.







Matsuri 2014

Last Friday, March 28, I attended the Japanese spring festival, Matsuri.  It was hosted by Columbia Japan Society, the student organization at Columbia University that promotes Japanese culture.  


Matsuri is one of the biggest Japanese festivals in the city.


Its purpose is to welcome spring and celebrate Japanese culture.


The university community, as well as people from all over the immediate neighborhood and city attended Matsuri.



There were a lot of people trying on and wearing the traditional Japanese Yukata (Kimono).



Lots of people checking out and admiring Yukata material.


Trying on Yukata.



In addition to traditional taiko drumming, New York-based Japanese bands, like Kagero,a Japanese gypsy rock group, performed.  They were terrific!  Kagero played music that everyone had fun listening and moving to their music.


Kaz Fujimoto – Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica


J.W. – Fiddle


Rob Simpson – Upright bass & vocals



There were a lot of different Japanese food vendors — like Hibachi Heaven.


Everywhere you turned, you’d find a different food truck.



  You’d also find long lines of people waiting for the food.



Sitting around, eating and enjoying the music from Kagero.


Eating, relaxing, talking and soaking up the fun Matsuri atmosphere.



Looking for a Matsuri shirt to buy?  You didn’t have far to look.


There was goldfish scooping, lantern decorating, animae drawing, cotton candy eating… and more!




It was supposed to rain that Friday but thankfully, it didn’t.  



 Everyone seemed to have a good time and left happy.






This tree is still in its winter look.   Spring has arrived, however.

Soon we shall see it nicely dressed with beautiful green leaves.