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Spring is in the Air #3

Love, too!   :-)




Spring is in the Air #2

And so is love! 



Spring is in the Air!

So is love!



A Lover of Parks

I continue to enjoy reading the engravings on park bench name plates.

The people, mentioned, always seem very interesting, like George Lewis — A Lover of Parks.

I like that description.







Dance Moves!


The DanceSport Challenge



Held at Columbia University.


It’s always fun to see the dancers in their fancy clothing…



… and watch them, twist and turn.



Dramatic moves!

It’s fun to see everyone having fun!


*By the way, you can see photos from the 2013 DanceSport challenge HERE.











Hi Everyone:  I’m taking a short break from blogging here.  I’ll be back soon.  See you in a couple of weeks. 




Wordless Wednesday: In the Window






Wordless Wednesday: Block Fair




A Nu Yawk Accent? Whaddya Talkin’ ‘Bout?


Recently, I spoke to a long-time blogging friend, for the first time, over the phone.


“You have a New York accent,” he said to me, soon after I’d introduced myself. 


That observation tickled me and I laughed. 


I SO do NOT think I have an accent – especially a Nu Yawk accent.


Years ago, I was walking down a street in Venice, Italy, talking to my sister.  A young couple walked past by, stopped, and then called out to us.   The woman was quiet and the man cautiously asked, “Excuse me, are you from New York?”


When I affirmed that I was, he got all excited and jumped up and down. 


“I knew it!  I just knew it!””  He had one of the hugest grins I’d ever seen on a person’s face.  


He went on to explain, “When we passed you, we heard you talking and when you said the word, ‘stupid’, I knew you were from New York.”


The couple beamed at us.  They were tourists from the U.S.  I don’t remember where.  The man’s excitement that he’d correctly guessed where I lived, based on the way I spoke, amused me. 


We smiled at each other for a few more seconds and then finally said good bye.   The guy practically floated away, elated that he’d detected a New York accent on the streets of Venice.


A few days ago, I heard about a documentary, directed by Heather Quinlan, called “If These Knishes Could Talk:  A Film about the New York Accent”.   Following the latest comment about my so-called New York accent, the movie perked my interest, so I checked out its official website for more information.   It stars Penny Marshall, Alan Dershowitz and, of course, many New Yorkers.  The film looks fun and funny and will premier at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival on May 16, 2013, and later at the Hoboken Film Festival, June 1, 2013.


One MTA (transit) worker, interviewed in the film, said it best, "New Yorkers don’t have accents — Everyone else has an accent".  

LOL!   I agree!    :-D


You can see the movie trailer HERE.





Among the Cherry Blossoms

The sight of cherry blossoms make the city look extra special to me.


When the petals drop to the ground, it appears like falling snow.

 I like this type of snow.


  At Sakura Park in Morningside Heights/Harlem,

you can have your pick of a cherry blossom tree, under which to sit and enjoy the day.

There’s so much to do among the Cherry Blossoms:


Have a picnic.


Gaze at the trees and enjoy the beautiful sight.


Practice soccer moves.


Rest after practicing soccer moves.


Share an embrace.


Strum soothing tunes on the guitar.


Read a good book.


Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with the baby.


Sit, relax, stare up into the trees and enjoy the beauty of the day.



Even this American Robin is enjoying the beautiful spring day among the Cherry Blossoms.


Soccer Ball on Broadway

This young man walked past me kicking a soccer ball as if it were a very normal thing to do.


Mesmerized, I watched him kick his ball for five blocks.


There were a lot of people who walked towards him, but he managed not to kick the ball into them.

Fun to watch.


Going to the Park

Lots of people were out and about in the park to play in the snow.

I like that red sled.




This happened in December:

I was on my way to an appointment when I saw a man lying in the street with some people standing around him.

In case you were wondering, I pulled out my cell phone, first, to call for help before I pulled out my camera.

However, I noticed that several people had also pulled out their cell phones to call for help. 


The man was knocked out.   He did not move.

The people standing around him made sure that cars didn’t pass by and run over him.

There wasn’t much they could do.   Everyone waited for the police and ambulance to come.


Although a car had stopped not far from him, in the middle of the street,

I’m not sure if he’d been hit by a car or not.


A few minutes later, a police car showed up. 

As one officer checked the unconscious man,

another spoke to someone who seemed like the driver who may or may not have hit the bike rider. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear what was being said.  


As the police officer conducted their investigation, the man woke up.

He looked like he would be okay.   So, I continued on my journey. 



Dancing the Paso Doble.


One December evening, I walked to the grocery store and passed by a theater. Loud dance music escaping for the inside caught my attention, and I stopped to see what was going on there.   


Men and women, dressed up and twirled around the dance floor.  


I decided to go inside the lobby and investigate what was going on.  Luckily, no one stopped me and after a while, I walked in further and pulled out my camera to take photos.  ;-)


Excitement filled the atmosphere.

It turns out that this was a Ballroom and Latin Dance competition sponsored by DanceSport.

The dancers at these type of competitions are amatuers.  In this case, they were mainly college students.


The judges watched closely, taking their job very seriously.


All the dancers seemed happy to strut their stuff and show their best dance moves.




Dancers waiting for their turn.


I had fun watching these two, especially the man.  He was so theatrical/dramatic.  They are pictured in the first photo at the top of the post, where they are dancing the Paso Doble — the dance between the matador and the bull.


Watching the dancers reminded me of the dance show, "Dancing with the Stars". 


Taking a break. 


All the women dancers had their hair done nicely.   Some with big red flowers in them.


More judges taking their job seriously.   Watching closely and taking notes.


More beautiful hair styles and accessories.



A display of dance shoes for sale in the lobby.


A dance outfit is not complete without some sparkling jewelry.


Men’s dance shoes on display.



A man’s dance outfit on display.

Let’s go dancing, everyone!

Paz    :-)



Let’s Go to the Movies

On a hot summer day, the movie theater is one of the coolest places to be.   These people have the right idea as they waited on line to buy tickets to see a movie.  It was a pretty long line. 






Lincoln Center Scenes
















Places to Go

Another crowded day on 34th Street.

The street is filled with pedestrians who have

places to go, people to see and things to do.

What do you have to do this week?  Have a good Monday, all!


168th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue

The neighborhood of Washington Heights


A view of the Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia University Medical Center) across the street.






Time to Walk the Dogs

A dog owners job is ongoing.  ;-)


Orange Jacket

This older lady in her orange jacket caught my eye as she walked slowly in front of me.  Others around her walked by quickly and disappeared.  My eyes couldn’t help but follow her orange jacket.  If she were lost in a crowd, one could certainly find her by the color of her jacket.


Car rooftop

I’m hoping that the car belonged to this young man or perhaps his friend.  He looked odd sitting on top of it, but he acted as if it was a completely normal thing to do.  An odd sight, for sure.  Lots of people passed by him but no one seemed surprised to see him there.


As I passed by him, I had to turn around to take one more look and one more photo.

I’m just glad it wasn’t a dog tied to the roof top.  ;)


Back in February…

I meant to post this a while back but never had a chance.


It was February 14 – Valentine’s Day.  Stores were crowded…


… Especially the ones that sold flowers….


There were lots of roses to be sold…


This dog bought a nice bouquet on flowers.  I’m sure everyone had a nice evening.

Oh!  And you can imagine that the store made a fortune selling flowers that Valentine’s day. 


Easter Parade/Easter Bonnet Festival I

In the past, one of the NYC bloggers, Ming the Merciless (formerly of New York City Daily Photo) used to organize NYC Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival meet-ups for the NYC photo bloggers to attend the parade, take photos, and then hang out for brunch.  It was a nice way to personally get to know each other and take some fun photos.  For one reason or another, I was never able to join them.   The meet ups happened yearly until Ming moved away to Bangor, Maine, a few years ago.  This year, I finally had an opportunity to go to the parade.  The funny thing is that I got to the parade site after it  was over.  LOL!  However, I went and managed to see and photograph a few people still milling around.   Better late than never.  Although I went by myself, I still had fun, but I missed Ming (who doesn’t seem to be blogging at all, these days.). 



Oh!  Since I have a lot of photos, I’ve broken this post into two parts.  You can find the second half HERE.





 They look like mother and daughter to me.  They walked hand-in-hand very proudly down the sidewalk.



They look like good friends enjoying their Easter day.


She generated a lot of attention with her fancy hat.  She had a hard time keeping it on her head but she succeeded with a smile.


Looking dapper in their Easter colors.


This lady and her dog were the center of attention.


A fun-looking hat!


The little girl had a book about the Easter bunny, which she would sometimes hold up.

The lady next to her looked very whimsical in her outfit.


If he didn’t wear his hat, I wouldn’t have known he was enjoying the Easter parade atmosphere.  He looks so serious.


Someone looks to be a Yankee fan.  Also looks like she’s had a long day.



Looks like she had fun making her Easter bonnet.


They look happy to model their Easter bonnets.


A cute-looking bunny with her own personal ride.


Colorful Easter-basket hat.


I love sunflowers.  I love his hat!


Wearing his hat very proudly.


Another creative Easter Bonnet but she looks so serious.  Perhaps she’s thinking about her Easter meal?


Colorful and tall!


May I borrow those glasses, please?


Even the dogs dressed up for Easter!



I love yellow flowers!


Another dog and her owner dressed for the occasion.


This is my favorite photo. 

I love that he’s wearing a NYC shirt and a fun-looking hat,

and best of all, I love his smile and the way he looked into the camera.


I think I heard the lady with the pink flower hat say that the man on the left made her hat.

The lady in the middle wanted her photo taken with them.

"Take my picture!  Take my picture!" she yelled at someone I presumed was with her.


A close-up of the hat.  Pretty flowers!


Pretty smile to match the hat.


Interesting-looking hat.  I like the peace symbols hanging on the hat.  She’s got the right idea.




Nice Easter eggs atop his hat, don’t you think?


I believe she was a bride.   She’s taking her photo in front of the doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


You can find the second part of this post HERE.


Easter Parade/Easter Bonnet Festival II

I have a lot of photos, so I’m making this a two part post.   Interesting how even though I arrived after the parade ended, I still saw a lot of people wearing their Easter finest and bonnets.  I heard somewhere that the Easter parade/Easter bonnet festival dates back to the 1800s when it was limited to the rich, who would parade around on Fifth Avenue after church services to show off their Easter outfits.  By the way, you can find the first half of this post HERE.


This gentleman was clearly proud of his Easter outfit, which came complete with his basket.


Dressed head-to-toe in this special fabric…


… He caused a lot of attention.


Many people (including kids) wanted to take their photo with him and he gladly obliged.


This little girl sat on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  She stared so intently at the object in her hand.


Upon close look I saw the matching green bunny in her hand (He is holding a carrot, of course.).


I wonder who designed their bonnets.  They were very happy to pose.


Wearing her blue-feathered hat with style.


Busy watching others pass by.







You can find the first half of this post HERE.