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I like the white patches on this pigeon’s head and face. 


Ed. Note:  Thanks for your very generous and kind words about my pigeon photo.  For some real awesome and inspiring bird photos stop by Abraham Lincoln’s My Birds Blog and Klaus’s Virtua Gallery.  I wanna take photos like them some day.  You can find more cool links in my Blogroll section.  😉








Ruby Tuesday: Emergency Call Box



I’m not sure what this is called — A fire boxA red box?  An emergency box?  Yeah, that’s it!  I think that’s what it’s called — an emergency call box.  I wonder if it works.   I’ve seen very few around the city but have never paid much attention to them, till… Ruby Tuesday.    😉

Visit WORK OF THE POET to see a list of fun Ruby Tuesday posts.  Happy Ruby Tuesday, all!















Today’s Flowers: Sunflowers

I passed by a house in the Bronx and to my surprise saw sunflowers in the front yard growing over six feet tall.  They were very impressive-looking.  Sunflowers are my favorite.

Stop by TODAY’S FLOWERS to see some really beautiful flower shots by others.  

On another note, Sonia of LEAVES OF GRASS is celebrating her third-year blog anniversary this Monday.  Congratulations, Sonia, what a wonderful blog you have!  Let’s stop by and wish her well.


















Shadow Shot Sunday: I See Shadows

Here’s another self-portrait.  I’d just bought a pair of nice black shoes and was walking back home.  I was happy about my new shoes.  Unfortunately, during the week, when I wore them, I discovered that after a few hours, my feet really hurt.   I’m not sure what the problem is.  Perhaps the shoes are too narrow?  I don’t know.  They were very comfortable when I tried them on in the store.  *sigh*  In this photo, I was wearing my crocs.

Stop by HEY HARRIET to see some awesome shadow shots by others!

Joanne:  I’m so glad you’re doing much better!  I wish you a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see what you blog about next!  xoxo   If you stop by her blog, be sure to leave her a get well wish.  





I couldn’t figure out which photo to post, so you get two.   😉











Signs of Fall #2

A lone changing red leaf among the green.  Happy Saturday!












A Fine September Day

Happy Friday, all!












Signs of Fall

The Fall season officially arrived this week.  Yay!













A Day in the Life of a Flag…

Does anyone know which country this flag represents?  I have no idea.  It hung off the fire escape of one of the apartment buildings.  I couldn’t choose which photo to post, so I give you all three.  😉  Do you have a preference?


Ed. Note:  Thanks to Amy, I’ve learned that this is a flag of Scotland (St. Andrew’s flag).  In the comments section, she writes:   "…he is the Patron Saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated by Scots around the world on the 30th November."













Ruby Tuesday: My Favorite Shoes



My favorite shoes — Crocs.  They may look big and awkward but they’re comfortable.   In my red Crocs, you can’t miss me as I walk down the streets and sidewalks of the city.     😉  

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Today’s Flowers

Can anyone tell me the name of this flower, please?  Thanks!



Ed. Note:  Thanks to Bettye of 365 Days in Islip, I’ve learned that this flower is called Lantana.  Thanks, Bettye!
















Shadow Shot Sunday: Under the Scaffolding


Walking under a scafolding, I spot a long line of shadows.  Lucky I have my camera with me.   😉  Go to HEY HARRIET to see other shadow shots and for guidelines on how to participate. 

Happy Sunday, all!  Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!



Ed Note:   Hey Harriet pointed out that September 21 is International Day of Peace, as declared by the United Nations General Assembly.  Happy International Day of Peace to all!

Let there be peace on earth.  And let it begin with me.  — Lyrics to Let There be Peace on Earth















A mother and father pushing their two children in strollers, while talking intensely to each other.  I imagine that they were either going to drop off the kids in daycare or they were going someplace for a cup of coffee. 

Notice anything new on this blog?  Mischief Mari has fixed it for me so that you can now subscribe to the comments here.  Yay!  I’m excited!  Thank you Mari!

Happy Saturday, all!












In the Morning

Thursday. 7a.m.

Have a good Friday, all!



An Award

Somewhere in the midtown area, when you look up.


And now, an award:



Some time ago, Pat and Harriet kindly passed along the I HEART YOUR BLOG award to me.  Thank you ladies. 

Thank you also to Kostas, who passed along the Brilliante Weblog award to me.  Since I have already passed it on, I won’t do so again.

However, it’s now my turn to pass on the I HEART YOUR BLOG award to others.  The other time I tried to pass along an award, I didn’t list any specific names.  Instead I wanted to pass it on to all the folks who stopped by my blog.  However, I found that no one took the awards.  I guess that means that I have to go back to naming specific bloggers for an award.   LOL! 

Of course, accepting this award is NOT mandatory.  You are under no obligation to accept the awards or pass it on.   

I’d like to pass the I HEART YOUR BLOG award to the following:

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Jogging Mom

As I  stood on the sidewalk, waiting for a friend who had yet to arrive, this woman came jogging towards me with her baby in a stroller.  She seemed to struggle with her footsteps and looked tired.  At the same time, I saw a look of determination on her face to keep moving.   The thought briefly crossed my mind to start jogging, too, as exercise.  It only lasted about six seconds, the length of time it took for the woman to run past me.  Naw, I shook my head.  I don’t think so.  No jogging for me.  😉












Ruby Tuesday: Leaves



I passed by a bush of leaves and was amazed to see that the top part had turned red but the bottom part was still green.  Check out WORK OF THE POET to see other fun Ruby Tuesday entries. 

Happy Ruby Tuesday!





Today’s Flowers


Anyone know the name of this flower? 

This is my first entry for TODAY’S FLOWERS.  Check out other entries there.


Ed. Note:  There have been a few comments about the purple in the background.  It is another flower, which you can find HERE.  Thanks for your help with the name of the flower above.













Shadow Shot Sunday: Brownstone Shadows

Brownstone buildings were very popular in construction in the late 19th and early 20th century.  As mentioned in a previous post, their name comes from the red to brown color of Triassic sandstone used to build them.  Builders also used brightly-colored sandstone, so sometimes you’ll see a brownstone of a lighter color ( a brownstone that’s not exactly brown or redish brown).   A lot of the sandstone for the NYC brownstones came from quarries located in the New Jersey and Connecticut River area.   Many wealthy people with large families who didn’t want to live in apartments built these types of homes.

On this quiet street of brownstone buildings, there are shadows everywhere — bathing the sidewalk and buildings. 

Visit Hey Harriet for a lineup of other fun shadow shots (and to learn how to participate).  Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!














Harlem Brownstones

There are a lot of brownstones (row houses made of reddish brown sandstone) in the city.  They’re especially located in the older neighborhoods.  Here’s a bit of popular culture information on brownstones from Wikipedia:

Rex Stout‘s fictional detective Nero Wolfe lives in a luxurious and comfortable New York City brownstone on West 35th Street. In the television show I Love Lucy (1951–1957), the Ricardos lived in a converted Brownstone apartment building on New York’s East 68th Street owned by their friends the Mertzes. On the popular American television program The Cosby Show (1984–1992), the affluent Huxtable family, the show’s central characters, lived in a Brooklyn brownstone. Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of Sex and The City, resided in a brownstone at a fictitious Upper East Side address in New York City.












A Day in the Life of a Flag…

A flag flying over the entrance of a public school.












Brownstone Finds

Found on the stoop of a Harlem brownstone.












Walking on the Sidewalks

Some time ago, when I posted photos of this chalk drawing,  a reader asked if people walked on it.  You can see that the answer is ‘Yes’.  All the time.

Paz   😉


Ed. Note:  The artist is Hani Shihada













Ruby Tuesday


Inspired by the other Ruby Tuesday posts I’ve seen on many blogs, I’ve decided to join in on the fun.  This is my first entry — two New Yorkers standing out in red.   😉

Visit Work of the Poet to see how to participate and view other Ruby Tuesday posts.  Thanks, Mary the Teach for putting this together!
















Looking Above #9


Happy Monday, all!